And other skin issues

A rash is any skin change that is abnormal and appears rapidly. Rashes can be caused by external factors (such as poison oak or a new medication) or internal factors (such as autoimmune conditions). While some rashes will clear up on their own, you may need medical intervention to address other rashes or skin issues.

When to go to urgent care for a rash

Because rashes can be caused by many different factors, it can be helpful to see an urgent care doctor for your rash, especially if it doesn’t clear up quickly. Your skin is your body’s biggest, most aggressive defense mechanism, but a skin rash indicates a breakdown in your protection. Don’t let your defenses stay down for long. It’s also important to see a doctor for your rash if you have other symptoms such as fever or chills.

Your urgent care doctor can provide treatment and relief for most rashes, but if your rash covers most of your body, occurs on your genitals, or is causing you to have difficulty breathing or swallowing, go to the emergency room for your rash.

What you can do for a rash

When your rash first appears, wash your rash vigorously with mild soap and water. Most rashes are caused by exposure to something that your body doesn’t agree with, so cleaning your skin is a great first step.

It’s also helpful to take an inventory of what you’ve done recently and what may be different. Some questions you can ask are:

  • Have you gone anywhere new?
  • Have you changed soaps, detergents, lotions, or anything else that you may apply to your body?
  • Have you taken any new medications or supplements?
  • Have you recently been sick?

Progress pictures are also helpful when you have a rash. Take a picture when your rash appears, and then take pictures as it worsens. This can help your doctor better identify the cause of your rash and determine the best course of treatment.

What your urgent care doctor can do for a rash

When you come to MedHelp urgent care for your rash, your physician will evaluate the cause and severity of your rash. If you’re not certain what caused your rash, your doctor will want to know about any changes that may have led to the rash. If you have pictures of your rash’s progress, your doctor will want to see those as well.

After your urgent care doctor identifies the cause of your rash, you may need treatment, including topical or injectable steroids, antifungals, or antibiotics.

In the case of an abnormal rash, your urgent care doctor may refer you to a specialist for further treatment.

Get help for your rash.

Your skin is your body’s biggest defense, so don’t leave that rash untreated. Visit a MedHelp urgent care clinic today to get relief and boost your defense systems again.