Mens health urgent care
Apr 01, 2024

Hey Guys, It's Time to Go to the Doctor

It's true: men are less likely to go to the doctor than women. But men have important healthcare needs too. Learn why even healthy guys need to visit the doctor.
Sharing food risk of mono
Feb 28, 2024

Get the Facts on Mononucleosis

Often known as “the kissing disease,” mononucleosis can impact individuals of all ages - and you don’t have to kiss someone to get it. Learn more in our guide.
Help for dry winter skin
Jan 30, 2024

Help for Winter Skin

Suffering from dry, uncomfortable skin this winter? Read our guide to learn how to manage your winter skin - and when you might need a little extra help.
Taking steps towards better health
Jan 13, 2024

Small Steps Towards Better Health

Hoping to have a healthier year? While there’s nothing wrong with big goals, maybe you should consider some small, sustainable steps towards better health.
The truth about sugar menacing coke can rev
Dec 13, 2023

The Truth About Sugar

Sugar. It's that sweet, irresistible ingredient we often crave. But what do we really know about it? There's a lot of talk around sugar - its effects, its place in…
woman in comfy socks blowing her nose cold and flu
Dec 01, 2023

Tips for a healthier cold and flu season

Did you know that adults catch an average of 2-3 colds each year, and the flu affects millions nationwide? These numbers soar particularly high in the southeastern…
Woman concerned about the status of her leftovers
Nov 15, 2023

Food Safety and Food Poisoning

Most of us love to buy, cook, and eat food, but are we handling, cooking, and eating food correctly? Or are we leaving ourselves open to the risk of food poisoning?…
Basics of autoimmune diseases
Nov 10, 2023

Autoimmune Disease Basics

Discover the basics of autoimmune diseases, their potential causes, common types, and steps to take if you suspect you have one. Learn how to manage symptoms and improve your quality today.
Common questions about flu and shots 2023
Nov 03, 2023

Common Questions about the 2023 Flu and Flu Shots

Got questions about the flu? We've got answers. Learn the differences between colds and the flu, how to manage flu symptoms, the importance of getting a flu shot,…
a child and her mother are both in bed sick
Oct 10, 2023

Childhood Illnesses which Adults can get

It is important to understand that as adults you can get sick from childhood illnesses. If you find yourself sick, be assured you are not on your own - there is…