Choosing a primary care doctor
Dec 29, 2022

Tips for Choosing a Primary Care Doctor

Finding a new primary care doctor can be hard. But it doesn't have to be. We've created a guide to choosing a primary care doctor to make that choice easier for you.
Medhelp welcomes dr joseph shepherd
Dec 16, 2022

MedHelp Welcomes New Primary Care Doctor

MedHelp's newest primary care doctor has served patients in Birmingham for over 30 years. Learn about Dr. Shepherd's approach to patient care & long COVID treatment.
Woman sick with the flu in 2022
Nov 30, 2022

Get the Facts About the Flu This Year

Flu is here in Alabama, and it's spreading earlier than usual. If it's been a while since you've thought much about the flu, you may need to brush up on your flu IQ.
Birmingham flu shot 2022
Nov 18, 2022

Common Flu Shot Myths Debunked

Are you letting one of these common flu shot myths keep you from getting vaccinated for the flu this year? Get the facts straight on the 2022 flu shot.
Girl sick with rsv
Nov 04, 2022

Frequently Asked Questions about RSV

Cold and flu season has arrived, and RSV is making headlines. But many adults haven't even heard of RSV. We've got answers to ten questions about this common virus.
Do you need stitches
Oct 13, 2022

Do You Need Stitches? Here's How You Know.

Wondering if you need to get stitches? Our helpful guide will help you know when to head to urgent care for your wound - whether or not you may need stitches.
Man with strep throat visit urgent care
Oct 03, 2022

5 Things You Need to Know about Strep

Strep throat is never fun. These five things that everyone should know about strep can help you understand what to do the next time you have a sore throat.
Womens health clinic opening
Sep 19, 2022

New Women's Clinic at MedHelp

MedHelp Women’s and Wellness is opening in October 2022. Learn more about our new clinic in Homewood and Dr. Tamucci’s approach to women’s healthcare.
Exhausted woman with long covid
Sep 09, 2022

There's Hope for Patients with Long COVID

Suffering from Long COVID? Dr. Jordan Vaughn explains a root cause of post-COVID conditions – and what doctors can do to help their patients recover.
Girl going back to school
Aug 24, 2022

Staying Healthy as Kids Go Back to School

Raise your hand if you’re glad that kids are back in school this year but are nervous about the germs. Dr. Vaughn reminds parents that there's no need to fear.