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Taking steps towards better health
Jan 13, 2024

Small Steps Towards Better Health

Hoping to have a healthier year? While there’s nothing wrong with big goals, maybe you should consider some small, sustainable steps towards better health.
The truth about sugar menacing coke can rev
Dec 13, 2023

The Truth About Sugar

Sugar. It's that sweet, irresistible ingredient we often crave. But what do we really know about it? There's a lot of talk around sugar - its effects, its place in…
Woman concerned about the status of her leftovers
Nov 15, 2023

Food Safety and Food Poisoning

Most of us love to buy, cook, and eat food, but are we handling, cooking, and eating food correctly? Or are we leaving ourselves open to the risk of food poisoning?…
Woman learning about bhrt in birmingham
Jun 07, 2023

6 Common Myths about BHRT

Getting conflicting information about BHRT? You’re not alone. Dr. Ashley Tamucci sets the record straight by tackling six common myths about BHRT.
Weight loss scale
Apr 26, 2023

Answers to Your Questions About Weight Loss Injections

News about weight loss injections is everywhere – and so are the questions. Dr. Tamucci is here to answer the most common questions about these injections.
Healthy woman at medhelp
Jan 25, 2023

Wellness and Preventive Medicine Comes to MedHelp

We're bringing Wellness and Preventive Medicine to patients at MedHelp. Learn about this exciting new service designed to get to the root cause of your symptoms.
Womens health clinic opening
Sep 19, 2022

New Women's Clinic at MedHelp

MedHelp Women’s and Wellness is opening in October 2022. Learn more about our new clinic in Homewood and Dr. Tamucci’s approach to women’s healthcare.
Girl going back to school
Aug 24, 2022

Staying Healthy as Kids Go Back to School

Raise your hand if you’re glad that kids are back in school this year but are nervous about the germs. Dr. Vaughn reminds parents that there's no need to fear.
Winter mental health cat
Jan 18, 2022

Is it Time for a Winter Mental Health Check-up?

Feelings of depression can be common in the winter. It may be time to give yourself a winter mental health check-up and get help from a doctor if you need it.
boy wearing superhero costume with cape and mask
Oct 05, 2021

4 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Cold and flu season is on the way. Try these four simple ways to give your immune system a boost so it can work more effectively all year round.
little boy wearing stethoscope and lab coat pretending to be a primary care doctor
Apr 27, 2021

It's time for a check-up with your primary care doctor

Don’t get behind on your health! Many put off check-ups and wellness exams due to COVID-19. Now’s the time to schedule a check-up with your primary care doctor.
woman sitting on the couch feeling stressed and sick and needs to see primary care doctor
Apr 16, 2021

Not feeling like yourself? The surprising impact of the pandemic on your health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted everyone. We’re taking a closer look at the surprising impacts of the pandemic on your health -- and what you can do about it.
woman thinking about different healthy resolutions to make in 2021
Jan 11, 2021

The Healthy Resolution You Need This Year: Get a Primary Care Doctor

Need a resolution you can actually keep to improve your health in 2021? Resolve to get a primary care doctor this year and see surprising health benefits.