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New Women's Clinic at MedHelp

Sep 19, 2022 Wellness and Healthy Living Share:

Although you may only think of MedHelp as an urgent care clinic, we offer so much more than weekend doctor visits. From sports medicine to outpatient treatment for COVID-19, our board-certified doctors provide outstanding care for diverse medical needs.

We’re thrilled to announce the opening of a brand new service and clinic at MedHelp Lakeshore in Homewood. Board-certified gynecologist Dr. Ashley Tamucci is joining the MedHelp family to bring gynecology and women’s healthcare to our new MedHelp Women’s and Wellness Clinic.

We spoke with Dr. Tamucci to learn more about the new clinic and her approach to women’s healthcare.

Why open a clinic dedicated to women's health at MedHelp?

Dr. Tamucci says, “I’ve been practicing medicine for 23 years and, for most of that time, I’ve been delivering babies. About a year ago, I stopped delivering babies and shifted my focus to gynecology. This area of women’s health has often been neglected and trivialized, and I really want to give my patients outstanding, individualized care.”

“At MedHelp Women’s and Wellness, I’m going to continue to provide gynecologic care to women with a focus on optimizing patients’ health. We’ll have a small team that’s committed to providing personalized care. We want to really get to know our patients, hear their concerns, and help them live healthier lives no matter what stage of life they’re in. At our clinic, we’ll be able to provide routine care and diagnose and manage problems.”

Can you really get quality gynecologic care outside of a hospital?

Most gynecologists are also practicing obstetricians, which means they have to be based in a hospital. But just because most doctors do it doesn’t mean it’s the only way. Dr. Tamucci explains, “Hospitals are convenient for obstetricians, but they aren’t always convenient for patients. If you’re not delivering babies, you can have a clinic anywhere.”

“At MedHelp Women’s and Wellness, I will be able to provide the same quality of care with the same technology that I had in my previous hospital-based office. We’ll have diagnostics such as ultrasound and 3D mammography, aesthetic tools, and the ability to perform minor procedures within our office. And if a patient does need surgery, I’m affiliated with Brookwood Hospital and can easily schedule surgeries there.”

In fact, most patients will appreciate how much easier it is to get to the clinic. “When you visit MedHelp Women’s and Wellness, there’s free parking just outside the clinic door. You don’t have to circle the parking deck and go through three elevators just to get to the clinic; everything is very straightforward,” she explains.

“And because we’ll be a smaller clinic, patients won’t just be a number or a chart. You’ll see the same doctor, nurse, medical assistant, and receptionist every time you come in. The same nurse will call you back to answer your questions. The relationships we build with our patients will allow us to provide more personalized care.”

Why is it important for women to see a gynecologist?

Gynecology is so much more than just a Pap test. Dr. Tamucci says, “Women have unique healthcare needs, and they deserve to have great healthcare that comes from an understanding of women’s bodies and their hormones. Women do need those routine exams, but so much of women’s health is also impacted by hormones. I’ve really noticed that there’s a void in regards to wellness and hormone management.”

“Young women with few medical problems can often get most of their healthcare taken care of at the gynecologist. I’m not a true primary care doctor in that I don’t keep up with the latest research and treatments in internal medicine, but I’m able to work closely with a primary care doctor (and can make recommendations) when needed. I’m especially excited to collaborate with the primary care doctors at MedHelp.”

What might patients be surprised to learn about MedHelp Women's and Wellness?

Patients might first be surprised to learn about the location. Dr. Tamucci says, “Although we are part of the MedHelp family and located at MedHelp Lakeshore in Homewood, we have a completely separate clinic. Patients visiting MedHelp Women’s and Wellness will have a separate entrance, separate check-in area and waiting room, and separate exam rooms. Of course, if you’re one of my patients and you need urgent care, it’s really easy to get good urgent care just down the hall.”

Patients may also be surprised to learn that Dr. Tamucci is really focused on wellness and holistic healthcare. She explains, “I obviously want to treat patients who are having problems and help them to get better. But I also want to empower patients to make good choices and focus on their health: from diet to supplements and lifestyle modifications and everything in between.”

Dr. Tamucci will also be offering aesthetic services, including laser hair removal and radiofrequency microneedling, at MedHelp Women’s and Wellness.

What are you most excited about at MedHelp Women's and Wellness?

Dr. Tamucci says, “I’m so excited to be a part of the MedHelp team. My partners at my former practice have still been delivering babies, so I’ve been on my own for nearly a year. I’m really looking forward to the camaraderie and collaboration that comes from working with a multi-disciplinary team. I really think it will enhance patient care.”

“I’m also thrilled to be able to focus on caring for women in all life stages, whether it’s a teenage girl struggling with painful periods or a 95-year-old woman who wants to live as healthily as she can.”

How do your personal experiences help you provide better patient care?

Dr. Tamucci explains, “I have a deep, personal understanding of the challenges women face in healthcare. I experienced three years of infertility secondary to endometriosis and went through two rounds of failed IVF. When I did get pregnant, it was a complicated multiple pregnancy that included bed rest and treatment for preterm labor. I delivered my twins early, and they spent a few weeks in the NICU.”

“Going through that painful, frustrating time as a patient has really allowed me to help other women as they navigate difficult times with their health. Now that I’ve had the experience of menopause, I’m able to relate to even more of my patients on another level.”

Dr. Ashley Tamucci will begin seeing patients at MedHelp Women’s and Wellness in October 2022. For more information about our clinic or to schedule an appointment, call 205-208-7646.

Women's Healthcare at MedHelp

MedHelp Women’s and Wellness is a convenient, high-quality alternative to hospital-based gynecologic care. Headed by Dr. Ashley Tamucci, we’re proud to offer comprehensive gynecologic services to women of all ages.