Antibody Testing

Determine whether or not you have antibodies to Covid-19 with our sensitive and specific antibody testing.

Covid-19 Antibody Testing

Our lab can test for antibodies for either the spike or nucleocapsid proteins. If you've not received a vaccine for Covid-19, testing for the spike protein can reveal whether you've previously been infected with Sars-CoV-2. For individuals who have been vaccinated, nucleocapsid testing can differentiate between antibodies from vaccination and antibodies from a prior Covid infection.

How to get your Antibodies Tested

Anyone can have their antibodies tested at any Birmingham MedHelp clinic location. Testing is performed during regular business hours, and no appointment is needed for antibody testing. All Covid-19 antibody tests are processed in-house at our CLIA-certified lab within our Highway 280 Birmingham clinic.

Covid-19 antibody testing is performed through a simple blood draw. Your blood will be analyzed for antibodies to either the spike or nucleocapsid proteins of Sars-CoV-2.

Antibody Testing Now Available

Antibody testing is available at all five of our Birmingham urgent care clinic locations. No appointment needed.