smiling female employee with orange hard hat who uses employee sponsored direct primary care

Employer-Sponsored Direct Primary Care

Improve the health of your employees while reducing your overall healthcare costs

What is Employer-Sponsored Direct Primary Care?

Employer-Sponsored Direct Primary Care allows companies to provide employees with prepaid access to our providers at any of our five locations for their urgent care or primary care needs.

Employer-Sponsored Direct Primary Care is designed for employers with self-insured health plans who are looking to get better primary care access for their employees while saving money through proactive and preventive care.

Why should I choose MedHelp’s Direct Primary Care plan for my employees?

Our Direct Primary Care plan allows our physicians the freedom to practice proactive, preventative medicine with their patients. Direct Primary Care also improves access to care with lower costs by removing the overhead costs of traditional insurance administration. These innovative steps provide lower costs and better service, resulting in improved overall health for your employees. Direct Primary Care is a mutually beneficial plan for everyone involved: patients, providers, and employees.

For companies, this is a money-saving endeavor because there is less downtime while employees are at follow-up doctor appointments with primary care physicians, specialists, and for diagnostic testing. Healthier employees experience a reduction in emergency room visits, unnecessary lab work, and visits to specialists, saving both the employer and employees money on costly yearly premiums.

In addition to offering Direct Primary Care to employers, we also partner with employers in their employees’ health through our occupational health services.

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